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Glitch (i think)


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Ok so im having what i think is a pretty simple problem.


In a nutshell whenever i die (in my own singlepayer worlds) i become a sort of angel...kinda.

I cant break blocks... but i can break grass though it re-appears.

I stay in survival.

I am in my world but i cant break anything! 

I have tried re-loading the mod-pack but it did not solve the problem.

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That's odd.


You can cause the game to spawn you in as a completely new person if you've got nothing in your inventory anyway (it'll lose anything from your inventory) by deleting your player data file.  Go into your saves folder, find the name of the world (and open that folder), in there you'll see a folder called players, and in players you'll see a file called 'whatever your name is.dat'.  Delete that, and you'll be spawned in as a new player next time you open that world.

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