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Launch Tekkit, Minecraft won't start


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  I am have been trying for several hours now to get tekkit to launch.  I have it on another computer of mine and it works fine.  But on my main computer it keeps doing this.


I click the launch button for Tekkit.

The Launcher closes and minecraft starts up.  Either before minecraft's windows even shows up or in the middle of when when I see the Mojang logo when Minecraft is launching,  Minecraft closes and it shows me the launcher again.


I have tried deleteing the Tekkit and bringing down a fresh copy several time.  I have on the latest version of Java and my windows updates are all up to day.  Any Ideas?

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Check your folder and see if there is a crash log.

Pastebin it and upload it here, so that we may gather more information to answer it properly, instead of taking wild guesses as to what might solve it.

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