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1.27b chunkloading


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So im trying to two tesseracts to transport oil from an oil field to my base. I have both tesseracts set up with the one in the oil field set to SEND the oil and the one in the base to only RECIEVE oil. both items and energy are shut off and they are both on the same public frequency while set to control status disabled. I have also placed a chunk loader at the oil field and and chunk loader at my base both of which are in the same chunk as the pumps/tesseracts and also reaching a radius of 3 ( Therefore it should cover anything and everything ). For some reason the only time i recieve oil is when im at the oil field and my friend is at the base ( or vice versa ).


I can only conclude the chunk loaders are not working. Any idea why?

Also I have not messed with the configs for anything on the server ( yet ).


It turns out if you have a restone signal next to the chunkloader it turns it off....
FML i figured it out after 2 hours

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