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Character file keeps restoring itself. Help!


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I am playing Big Dig on single player and I hosed my character file.  I gave myself an item with bad meta data.  Since Nether Ferrous Ore is worthless, I was going to get rid of it and give myself twice as much Ferrous Ore as a work around.  Instead of giving myself 18 1051:4 I gave myself 4 1051:18.  It wound up crashing the server.


I loaded NBTExplorer, went into my serpardum.dat file and deleted the item.  Loaded BigDig and crashed.  Went into my character file and it was back.  Tried a few times with same thing.


Completely deleted serpardum.dat, ran bigdig and crashed.  Serpardum.dat was there (as it should be when it doesn't find it) but it was the character with the bad id and metadata.  Searched for serpardum.dat and it was the only one.  Deleted serpardum.dat in the BigDig!saves folder.


Where is Big Dig necroraising this information from?  The file is deleted.  It should be the only place it exists.  Please help!


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