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  1. Are you starting your server with the jar file? Don't do that, start it with like Terminal or whatever it is on mac :/ (I'm not a mac user but i belieive this is how it should work.
  2. Have ya done anything with the files in .technic? That is probably the problem
  3. Just to say: Everyone has like similar issues and most of the times it's just 2 files you need to download. It's scala-library.jar.stash and bcprov-jdk15on-148.jar.stash
  4. Does Tekkit have CoFHCore? it's in the config there you change it.
  5. I want to add the Waila Mod to my Big Dig but it seems like NEI has to be updated for that and because of that ChickenCore has to be updated and the EnderStorage and then my server needs updating as well. But when I'be done that I can't log in to it... What am I doing wrong?
  6. Yeah this is a little bit of a problem but just put some redstone energy conduit between the pump and the magma engine and it shouldn't jam up
  7. Dude, this was complicated... That's why you should not give yourself items. But I have no clue how the nbt loading works wit these mods...
  8. Yeah everyone seem to have this issue with thier big dig server.
  9. Okay, this sounds like the issue with not starting the server with launch.bat Just double-click launch.bat to start the server instead of minecraft_server.jar or something else.
  10. Are you using an old version of java? I've seen a lot of weird things happen if you do have that.
  11. Well this is a very common problem, but there is an easy solution just add .stash in the URL and then when you have downloaded it you remove the .stash. Place the files in the lib folder if you didn't know that.
  12. Read this thread: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> and also this error is on almost all of th modpacks i think
  13. Well, I think it has to do with the fact that you unloaded the chunks and there is also it seems that that is a bug.
  14. hmmm, Well I'm playing on a server but I guess you could test that out because I've seen youtubers use them.
  15. Well just goof around with the CoFH Core config because I think it's there you find where to change the spawn rates for ores.
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