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  1. Tested this in a creative map, works marvelously. Only problem I had was my nether magmatic engines kept jamming up. Perhaps redstone engines would work better in this case? I had 14 magmatic engines fully supplied with lava in the overworld, plus a 27 block dynamic tank being filled at a rather rapid speed. Power problems = Solved Edit: 21 overworld magmatic engines And that's with only one pump!
  2. Okay thanks. I think I've got ideas for my power figured out now. I'm planning on making a redstone energy cell, being filled by magmatic engines which are receiving lava via Ender Tank (& Dimensional Anchor). What should I do now..?
  3. "As a note, in single player it is impossible to use dimensional anchors or other chunk-loaders to load other dimensions such as the Nether or the End. This is a problem with Minecraft and not with Tekkit." -From Tekkit Classic's wiki, I'd assume this also applies to Big Dig.
  4. Wouldn't liquid tesseracts work better? Or are they less efficient?
  5. I am needing help with starting in the Big Dig modpack. I'm not exactly a noob when it comes to these technical modpacks, I've played a good deal of Tekkit and other packs, but I've never really reached the high-tier section of the game. I am having trouble deciding where to start, there is so much I could do. I've done some basic mining, got a pulverizer and powered furnace from TE powered by three steam engines and an aqueous accumulator, and I'm currently working on building a small castle-like building to set-up shop in. What is the next best way I can generate power with? I don't lik
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