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[1.6.4]Rebirth Gaming[PvP w/o protections][50 slot][Infamy + Flan's Vehicles]

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-- March Promotion --
Use the coupon code "Rebirth" for a 10% discount on donation features.
-Who We Are-
Rebirth Gaming is a friendly, mature community managed by knowledgeable staff who have prior experience with Minecraft,
servers, web design, administration, and a handful of other skills that allow us to run and maintain this community.
While Minecraft is our primary focus, we do promote and
become involved in other games and enjoy playing with friends and community members.
-Server Specs-
Host - OVH
SSD - 2x120GB RAID
Bandwidth - 200Mbps
Connection - 1Gbps
Slots - 100
Our server is based off of the Infamy 2.1.3 modpack but with changes:
ICBM is updated.
Atomic Science added.
Flan's Vehicles has been added.
A link to the custom modpack to add to your launcher:
-Rules and Info-
Hard difficulty.
PvP is enabled and encouraged!
There are NO protection plugins, leaving players to resort
to provided mods, such as MFFS, to protect land and items.
Griefing, killing, blowing each other up is all encouraged. All out war!
Overworld has a 10K x 10K world border.
Nether is 1/8 of overworld.
End resets once a week after dragon death.
We seriously frown upon cheating of any kind.
Steps are taken to ensure fair gameplay.
Advertising on our server is prohibited.
Harassment is always dealt with.
Spammers will face swift, long mutes.
Just have fun and never be afraid to ask staff for help!
A TeamSpeak3 server is available for all community members!
We use Enjin points and BossShop to facilitate the purchase of hard earned rewards.
Points can be acquired by voting, donating, participating in the community, winning minigames and events on any of our Minecraft servers, and more!
These points can be used to purchase item kits, timed commands, creative, fly, creative only items such as anchors, and much more.
-Banned Items/Difficulty Changes-
Quarries are banned, period. (Unable to craft/place)
Digital Miners have their power cost increased.
Chunk Loaders are banned.
These three changes ensure that players are unable to create large
weapon and missiles factories, then keep them loaded while offline.
We want weapons, missiles and vehicles to be somewhat difficult to obtain.
We also want to promote teamwork - if you want stuff made, then someone
on your team needs to be online.
Ensuring players are online to progress on the server thus increases risk of death and loss.
We are, after all, a pure PvP and war server!
Things will be done to ensure this doesn't become a 'hide in your hole and run large factories all day' server.
No other items are banned. Not even red matter!
However, red matter black holes will be removed once every 10 minutes to reduce lag.
Teleportation, as as /tpa player and /back, is disabled. /Home is enabled. Players are allowed one /home.
A custom plugin, developed by coolmanzz2, allows players to obtain lives.
When you have lives and die, you keep your inventory!
If you have 0 lives and die, you drop all of your stuff.
A custom plugin designed to offer an idiot proof kit experience. 
Developed with forge in mind, being able to handle all item meta data.
Provides players with basic commands and economy.
Get paid to kill mobs and mine.
Typing /shop or using the given book gives you access
to a shop GUI where you can spend your points and access various warps.
Capture mobs as your pets. Make them fight for you, feed them, ride them, etc!
Place down a chest and punch it with an item you wish to sell.
Type in a price and a shop will be created! Very easy to use shop plugin.
<Still in development>
A massive plugin is in the works that will create a faction like system on the server.
Players will be able to join one of two primary factions, or, remain neutral.
Faction members won't be able to harm each other - only neutral and enemy players.
Factions score points when killing other players.
Scoring high numbers of points earns your faction members rewards.
Factions will be fighting each other to control nodes, which hold valuable resources
such as renewing supply crates, power, access to the end and nether.
Players who stay alive for long periods of time earn rank ups.
Higher ranking players will get buffs and slight advantages, such as extra lives.
Killing higher ranking players earns your faction more points and econ.
We also have a Direwolf20 and Vanilla survival server!
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Added additional mods. Mainly aesthetics.

- Chisel

- MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod

- Bibliocraft

- Carpenter's Blocks

- More Pistons


- Atomic Science! Make red matter and anti matter!


Replaced previous map mod with Opis/MapWriter.

Reason for this change was because the previous minimap displayed player icons on the minimap, something we felt was too OP when exploring and looking for hidden bases.

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