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Voltz Server Questions


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To whom it may concern,

Thanks for stopping by to help me out.


I have setup a 2.0.4 server with my friend and I on a private computer.


Unfortunately I didn't know how outdated this version was.

I would like to use a version that is newer and stable.


I've found 3.0.0 and started it up. Running fine for now. 


I would like to know if there is a 3.0.0c server files or perhaps some information on the best version for a server.


Thanks for your help,


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yeah, voltz 3.0.0 is a very new beta testing of a whole bunch of mods that haven't really been tested together, many of them themselves being still in development.

2.0.4 has it's bugs and quirks but is still functional. you guys could come and play on some of the public servers if you wanted to, they're fairly mature as far as gameplay and plugins go.

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