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Golden fluid pipe not working good enough?


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okay so I am building a large power reactor and turbine system with the new big reactors mod, which I love by the way, and I need water to cool the reactor. so this is the setup I have



lake-----> pump------> tank farm------->Reactor------steam----->turbine-----water---> tank farm.


so I have water in a loop into the reactor and back out the turbine. problem is however that even with golden waterproof pipe, emerald extractor pipe powered by 2 compustion engines, I cannot get enough flow to even fill the pipe and I get the choppy flow. the reactor pretty much uses the water instantly and my reactor starts to overheat with less then 10% output.


so what is going on. I figured that with this setup I should have great flow, at least enough to keep the waterproof pipes full. The wiki said with emerald pipe all that should be required for good flow is a single redstone engine. im so confused, please help. thank-you.

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Fluiducts are your friend. You may also want to consider using one or more Aqueous Accumulators instead of pumps. All from Thermal Expansion, which runs circles around most old Buildcraft stuff.

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