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Quantum Entangled Singularities


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I discoverd the "Applied Energetics" mod that is with Tekkit and I'm starting to do my little network :)


But it seems I can't craft the "Quantum Entangled Singularities" I tried to look on google to see if there is a alternative way to "craft" it, but it seems there is only one way (ender pearl dust and the singularity + explosion).


I tried with various explosion type (TNT, Tiny TNT, the Plasma Cannon from the power fist) but it does nothing. the singularity stay a singularity and the ender dust just disapear.


Is it a bug with this mod on Tekkit? or am'I doing something wrong?


Hope someone have an answer

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Hi thank's for your answer


I don't think I'm using the wrong dust, as I'm using only the mods that are packed in tekkit (so no portal gun I think) and when I search for ender pearl dust it show me only 1.


I tried to give myself directly the dust from the "Applied Energetics" mod, it didn't work

I also tried to pulverise an ender pearl, got the dust but didn't work either...

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I tried it in single player tekkit 1.2.8c and it worked. I did not have a chance to make singularity, so I just grabbed a couple of pieces in cheat mode. I pulverized a couple of ender pearls for the dust.


With 2 pieces of Singularity and 2 Ender Pearl Dust, 1 TNT block and a stick switch in an Obsidian pit, I ended up with 2 pair of Quantum Entangled Singularity similar to the video in link above.

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