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Server issues, Unknown cause?


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Your oven has corrupted - it can only cook vanilla minecraft foods into vanilla minecraft items at the moment, not food+ stuff.


Remove the oven here -1076,70,-1538, you may need to use MCEdit to do that if you can't get near it long enough in game.


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Thanks, :) I just fixed the crash issue with this



I'm guessing I should advise my crafters to avoid the oven just in case?


is there a place on the forum that updates with known crash reports/things?


I'm still figuring things out here, hehe :D 

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The common problems thread kind of does that, but it's swamped with other issues (like people not updating java over and over again).


That fixes it for food+ for the moment, but if someone manages to put some other weird thing in there it could still be an issue.  I pretty much have an oven so I can have a kitchen, not so I can use it :D  Dunno about other players on my server but I haven't really had any problems since Halestorm suggested that.

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