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Tinkers Construct/Mechworks Metadata


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I'm trying to figure out if the tinkers direction/facing information is available to standard minecraft instructions, typically the info on facing is at the fourth byte or eighth byte (0x3 or 0x7) but neither of those are the case with tinkers.  Digging into it a bit shows some kind of struct with a Direction variable, so it looks like the block itself stores that information on facing rather than using the same method minecraft usually does.


I was wondering if anyone had had any luck addressing that before - if it's accessible through the normal means it'll mean I can make the tinkers smeltery and drawbridges work properly on archimedes ships and greatly improve my mobile flagship base. :D


I know this is a longshot and I'm not sure if it's better served on the tracker - it's not really a bug so I guess here's the place - if a mod thinks this isn't the right place for this (or can think of a better place other than the tinkers forums) please let me know.

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