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Troubles with installing texture pack


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Did you follow the instructions provided on the Sphax website? 




  • Download the base Sphax texture pack. 
  • Open the downloaded base texturepack in your favourite archive program such as 7zip or WinRAR. 
  • Download the addon patch from this thread. 
  • Open the addon patch zip and drag/drop the contents of the addon patch zip, and drop it inside of your base texturepack zip file. 
  • Copy the zip to your Hexxit texturepacks folder.




That's two separate texture packs to install, not just one.

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That actually isn't two separate ones to install, but rather getting the base pack, and then modifying it with the additional files before attempting to use it. those instructions need to be followed otherwise it will fail to work and can cause the game to crash.

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I'm having the same exact problem.


The only part I'm wondering is if I downloaded the correct Sphax version.


I downloaded the 1.5.2 version since that is the version I see when I launch Hexxit.


I then extracted it into a folder, then copied over the path (both the original and patch were the 128 version).


When I view it in the Texture pack section, it's greyed out, I can click on it, and after a minute or two it then gives me the option to click on Done. Yet no changes in the textures.

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