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Attack of the B-Team opens minecraft then closes and goes back to launcher


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MrLufugful, go to


and delete



cpain - minecraft runs in java so he must've had some version or he wouldn't have been able to play vanilla, let alone voltz and tekkit.  He was probably missing Java 1.7.

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OK, different part of mapwriter breaking :)


Go to;

and delete mapwriter.cfg
This happens sometimes when the master cfg gets messed up (like in your case), it messes up the worlds you try to open while it's like that.
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That file (the second one) stores info about your current map, waypoints and things.  You'll lose the information that's stored in it when you remove it, but it'll generate a new one based on the world info it already has (pretty much it's just the waypoints you'll lose).


The cfg file at the first location is info on how the plugin works, what size it uses to store textures for the map display, that kind of thing - it's not quite a co-incidence that it seems similar (one triggered the other) but the fix is essentially the same - removing that cfg file causes the mod itself to rebuild the file from defaults.


You'll notice the files come back when you run the game again - this is normal and fine - kind of the point in fact.

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