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Hi. First time on the Forums, so here goes nothing. My friends and I play on an AotBT Server I own and run. My one friend planted a Sacred Rubber Sapling and a couple hours later the server crashed. Luckily I had a backup so I reset the world to the older version. However, the same error kept crashing the server. Read through the crash report and it seemed to be a problem with Food Plus. I am just not sure what to do.


Here is the crash report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7142740/


Thanks in advanced!

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Which version of the mod are you using?  10.0.10 had this problem but it was fixed in 10.0.10a.  You're right it's a problem with foodplus, you can change the forge settings to remove erroring blocks and entities if you've got a backup, that's probably the easiest way if you want to keep it installed (look in the forge config file for that option).

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