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To everyone having the CRASH problem


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This is for everyone with the crash problem


I finaly found the solution


1.Go to setting of AoTBT and select version 1.09b start it up, it will ask: 'Wont to update the pack' and just click 'yes'

2.you will notice java starts up in your right corner with most of you in the recommended version that stopped happening

3.close the minecraft window once it started up

4.switch back to the recommended version again click yes for update and the java thingy will apear in your right corner and that should fix it, Have fun playing again



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Try setting it back to 1.0.9c, willem - there's only improvements and bugfixes between those versions, b should be worse in every way than c is so it's likely you just needed to reset your pack (the button for that is on the same page).

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