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Help Attack of the B-Team wont load

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HI so i have a problem with my attack of the b team whenever i click play the launcher hides and then reopens again within 2 seconds and dosent even show the mojang logo, it used to work but now dosent please help im on Mac OS X 10.9.2 which is latest version,video of what happens below and console log:



Console Log:  http://pastebin.com/S9dEvhi6





Please help that would be great!  Thanks!

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This is your problem;

[B#434]  2014-03-24 18:09:22 [INFO] [ForgeModLoader] Java is Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM, version 1.6.0_65, running on Mac OS X:x86_64:10.9.2, installed at /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home

Apple's provided version of Java 1.7 (which you need to run b team) doesn't run automatically in anything except safari - if you go to oracle's site and grab the JDK then it should fix it (the JRE will have the same issue of not updating those symlinks).


For future reference, tech support and bug reports should be put up here instead; http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/project-4-attack-of-the-b-team/


Welcome to the forums!

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