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Help! Command settings are haywire!


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I started a world and was exploring in Creative and everything was going fine until WAILA suddenly stopped showing the names/mods for stuff in my crosshairs. So I looked it up and figured out how to turn that back on [even though I had never knowlingly turned it off] and things seemed fine for a few minutes after that.


Then I came across a berry bush so I went Survival to interact with it but no clicking did anything. At first I thought I was just doing it wrong, but then I realized I couldn’t attack or destroy blocks AT ALL. So I closed out and started over with the same results.


I checked out my commands and they are all sorts of messed up, even though I hadn’t touched them. I attempted to change them to default but it just kept making it all red and setting everything to left-clicking and now I can’t even do anything. Now when I left click it opens up my inventory for some reason.  At one point it changed my jump to ‘???’ and was that way when I went into the commands options as a default and I hadn’t done anything to it.


I don’t know how to reset the commands  since I can’t seem to just uninstall and reinstall Technic to change it to default. I don’t even know how anything changed in the first place.


Any help would be much appreciated. I just need to figure out how to change my control settings to default somehow? Or do I have to delete my minecraft? I'm sure it's something really simple. I'm pretty new to mods so it's probably something I did somehow, but I figured this would be the place to ask.



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