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[Closed] Australian Server | Very limited slots

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Hello guys defilier here and I just recently started up a fresh new attack of the b-team server just recently and I'm in need for some other players.

If you are wanting to join just fill this out and send me this.
Age(required): Preferably 18+ but will consider 16+ if I feel you're mature enough
Gender(not required):
Location(required): Australia prefered, as long as you speak fluent english and have good internet you don't need to live in australia.
Steam username(required): For voice calls and for general communication.
Also you must have a decent microphone.

I'm wanting a real mature server where fun can always be had and have a few laughs.

The server is a generic server with pvp and hard. PvP should only be done in moderation and if the other player is okay to PvP. No breaking other players blocks, or griefing in general. Everything in moderation is okay in the right circumstances. The server will be open majority of the time.

I hope you take the time and consider applying as you won't regret it!
Thanks guys, DeFiLiEr

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IGN: Southdude

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Location: US, but I have excellent internet

Steam Username: TheSouthdude

Yes, I have a mic

Thanks Southdude, I've added you on steam, once you add me back I'll contact you with the server details!

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IGN: Cunnyfunt94


Location: Melbourn, vic

steam: Danniboi942

mic: yeap gotone 




IGN: ItalianCigy

age:17+ Mature enough? DW I'll be 18 in september :P, it may seem like a while away but time flies when your havin fun :D

Location: Western Sydney

steam: Cigy the Indigo

mic: Yes I do


Thanks guys you've both been added on steam, will contact with details when you add back, defilier :)

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Hey there! I've been looking around lately for a good AotBT server and i'm from australia, so if you ever open this up again i would love to hear from you!

MC IGN: Katanra

Age: 20

I'm male

from australia and i am ccmarlow on steam

no worries if you're all done with new people i just thought i'd give it a shot, cheers.

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