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Group Manager Server Command Issues


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OK, so I made a small tekkit classic server for me and my friends, however I decided to put ranks in so that they Don't have to be OP anymore.

I installed ranks sucessfully, everyone has their permissions. However none of the in-game commands work, even from the console! It just spits out an internal server error.

Please help.

- Alo191

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The usually happens because of two things. One thing may be that you may not have the right version of group manager and/or essentials. Make sure they load up on startup of the server. The other issue maybe your spacing in your groups.yml. It has to be accurate with no flaws. Try deleting it and doing everything in game and not doing it in the groups.yml. :)

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Incase you do not know how to do this:


"/manuadd [PlayerName]" - Add a Player to a group.

"/mangadd [Group Name]" - Create a new group.

"/mangaddp [Group] [Permission Node]" - Add a permission to a group.

"/mangaddv [Group] [Variable] [Edit]" - Add a variable to a group (Prefix, Suffix)


Thanks :)


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