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[1.0.9C]Nemalands[PVP][100 slots]

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Come join us in Nemalands!
Nemalands is an open server, you don't need to apply, just join and play!
We are also looking for extra staff, so please visit our website for more information.
We are a PVP/Griefing Server with Towny. You can protect your belongings by creating/joining a town
or locking your chests with signs. Griefing whole chunks, greifing with water or lava, or using
exploits to override protective measures is not allowed.
Use of hacked clients, cheats, xray mods and similar will result in a ban.
Moderate language and swearing is allowed in chat, but please do not offend other players.
For full rules visit our website: nemalands.co.uk/rules
We haven't removed any of the modpacks, but there will a Banned Items thread posted on our website
before today's launch. I'm sorry I can't post a list here but we're still working on it!
Nemalands runs plugins that help us find anyone trying to break the rules or grief where they
shouldn't be, and if unfortunately your belongings happen to be affected we will just roll them back for you
so you don't need to worry about other players ruining your fun!
As mentioned above, we have Towny along with an economy and auction plugin so that you can easily
earn enough money to keep your town going! You can also sell and buy items at the spawn shop, and
receive extra in-game items as well as money for voting for our server!
The server will be on 24/7 once the launch goes smoothly. Currently the only members of our community
are the carefully selected staff, but we hope many of you will join us this weekend!
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