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  1. If you're looking for an attack of the B team server be sure to check out our server, it's been around over a year and a half now and we have a growing community. If you have any issues just join us on TeamSpeak - ts.nemalands.co.uk
  2. The pack has been edited to make it easier for people with lower spec computers to play and there's a new map. Make sure you check it out today if you want to play Pixelmon with loads of extra things to do and have even more building opportunities.
  3. http://youtu.be/4bBmwfpoF48 Check out netty's video on how to install our nemamon pack for the server!
  4. Nemalusion has been updated to 1.8.7 Updated following mods: BetterStorage Buildcraft 6.2.6 Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.4 Extrautilities 1.2.1 iChunUtil 4.1.2 Malisiscore 0.10.3 Malisisdoors 1.3.2 MrCrayfishFurnitureMod 3.4.7 TConstruct 1.7.1d Waila 1.5.7
  5. NEMAMON has been updated to version 3.0.9 Added following mods: Custom NPCs Flans mod Manus content Civil package & SMP Parts Package Updated following mods: Botania r1.3-148 Chisel 2-2.2.0 Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10e Pixelmon 3.3.8 Waila-1.5.7a
  6. Beta website keeps going offline for anyone else?

  7. Hey guys, be sure to check out our B-Team servers as we still have one of the biggest around Any issues drop a message on our forums - Also if you join at the moment there's a nice Christmas present waiting!
  8. ******* 22/12/14 -V3.0.8c ******* General patch Added following mods: malisiscore 0.10.3 malisisdoors 1.3.2 Rolled back following mods: EnderIO ******* 22/12/14 -V3.0.8 ******* *** Please note with this update you'll need to update your Optifine to the latest version - OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_B4 from the following link - http://optifine.net/downloads *** Updated following mods BetterStorage Botania r1.3-145 Buildcraft 6.2.6 Carpenter's Blocks v3.3.4 CodeChickenCore 1.7.10- EnderIO extrautilities 1.2.1 iChunUtil 4.1.2 MrCrayfishFurnitureMod v3.4.7 neiaddons NotEnoughItems Pixelmon 3.3.7 TConstruct 1.7.1d Waila 1.5.7
  9. Hey hooptie, Aye you should definitely should take a little look, we've just added in mods which fit and put in additional things to the pack so there's even more to do. We've added extra building mods & food mods as normal per our packs lol so there's a lot of great builds across the server. If you're popping on let us know This is the old 1.7.2 post just so you know.
  10. ******* 14/12/14 -V3.0.7b ******* Patch fix ******* 14/12/14 -V3.0.5 ******* Updated following mods: Baubles Bibliocraft 1.9.1 Botania 1.3.141 Buildcraft 6.2.4 Carpenters blocks 3.3.3 Decocraft 1.11 EnderIO Extra utilities 1.2.0 Inventory tweaks 1.58 Iron chests Mantle 0.3.2 Metallurgy Metallurgy core MrCrayfish furniture 3.4.6 Pams harvestcraft 1.7.10d Tinkers 1.7.1c Pixelmon 3.3.5 Added following mods: Betterstorage Open blocks 1.3.0snapshot513 OpenModsLibs 0.6snapshot268 Notenoughcodec 0.1 Randomthings 2.2.2 Minetweaker3 3.0.9C
  11. ******* 13/12/14 - V1.8.6 ******* +Fixed: Issue with advanced genetics Fixed Jabba barrel structural upgrade recipe Fixed Hamsterball recipe Fixed MFR glass pane recipe ******* 13/12/14 - V1.8.5 ******* Please note with this update if you use Optifine you'll need to update it to OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_B1 using the below link. http://optifine.net/downloads +Updated: MineChem to MrCrayfish to 3.4.6 MagicBees to 2.1.13 ArmorStatusHUD to 1.28 Betterstorage to 1.121 Bibliocraft to 1.9.1 Bibliocraft BoP to 1.9 Bibliocraft Forestry to 1.7 Bibliocraft Natura to 1.5 Big reactors to 0.4.0A BoP to Buildcraft to 6.2.4 Carpenters blocks to 3.3.3 NEI to Forestry to Gendustry to Chisel to 2.1.3 Cofhcore 3.0.0B8-36 Thermal expansion to 4.0.0.B6-16 MFR to 2.8.0RC5-694 Compactsolars to Cosmetic armour to 1.0.5.B8 EnderIO to Extra utilities to 1.2.0 Forbidden magic to 0.55 Gravestone mod to 2.11.1 Hardcore ender expansion to 1.6.6 IC2 to Malisis core to 0.10.2 Malisis doors to 1.3.1 Mekanism + tools + generators to Minetweaker 3 to 3.0.9C Openblocks to 1.3snapshot513 Openmodslib to 0.6snapshot268 Pams harvestcraft to 1.7.10d Forgemultipart to 3.14 Forge to Project red to Randomthings 2 to 2.2.2 Tconstruct to 1.7.1c bspkrscore to 6.15 baubles to +Fixed: Fixed vanilla signs - can now be crafted with oak planks.
  12. Nemalusion - 1.7.10 Custom Modpack server Nemalands Network IP: nemalusion.nemalands.co.uk Modpack download: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/nemalusion.428557 Website: http://www.nemalands.co.uk [Custom Modpack][PVP][GP][40 SLOTS][32GB DEDICATED SERVER][PLAYER SHOPS!][THE BEST SERVER & COMMUNITY!] ### I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MODS INCLUDED IN THIS PACK, ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO THE RIGHTFUL CREATORS ### ### If you download the modpack please +1 it so it becomes more popular ### This is a modpack specifically made for our nemalusion server - part of the NEMALANDS network - to let our players enjoy an amazing collection of mods with better support than other modpacks out there. We, the owners, personally selected the mods included in it, with the help of a few dedicated players who wished to share their thoughts on it. We will keep the mods as up to date as possible. ** This is still in testing, and there might be little bugs here and there! ** ** Please note that you need to be running 64bit Java for this modpack due to it requiring over 1GB of RAM** Who are the owners? We’re a couple who love playing games together (Netty & Matty), we started out playing a few first person shooters then Netty heard about Minecraft on the 360, This was where Netty's obsession with Minecraft began.. I'll admit that I never really liked the game as I could never get into it, there just wasn’t anything drawing me to it but as Netty loved it I used to put up with playing it. Then we bought our XBox ones with the intent of getting Minecraft but the wait was too long for Netty so she convinced me to buy a laptop to play so we could play on the PC. This is where we sold our souls as we haven’t even touched our XBoxs since getting Minecraft and I actually really started to enjoy playing the game as the game was so much better and it was a lot more than just building in a single player game. After a while on a vanilla server we decided we wanted to try something new so when we heard about Attack of the B-Team we fell in love with the mod as there was just so much to do but we just couldn’t find a server or community that we liked so we had to make a choice. What is our goal? In the end we chose to start our own server with a vision to have a great community where everyone who plays on the server enjoys their time and always wants to come back as we noticed a lot of servers where the staff just didn’t care about the community as long as the server had enough players. We don’t just want to have the best servers but the best community run by players for the players as we're on playing all the time as well. This isn’t some server run by a 14 year old, I can safely say we offer a fair, stable and enjoyable experience although we’re starting out small it has to start somewhere and we can’t grow without you so I encourage you to be part of this at the beginning. We only have one server at the moment but once we’re in the right place we want to offer as much as possible for everyone so you can always try something new if you fancy a change or just want a little break from the norm. What does the Server currently offer? We currently have 2 Attack of the B-Team servers, a Pixelmon server and Nemalusion our custom server which all have a wide array of plugins to offer support for your protected areas, PvP, Ranks, Economy and all the stuff you’d expect a good server to have. We’ve even spent tireless hours working on the auction plugin so it’s fully compatible with ATOB as currently on most servers they don’t register the mods items but ours does! Nemalands is an open server network, you don't need to apply, just join and play! We are also looking for extra staff, so please visit our website for more information. www.nemalands.co.uk This is a PVP Server, you can protect your belongings by creating a Grief Prevention claim. Griefing outside of claims is allowed but griefing whole chunks, greifing with water or lava, or using exploits to override protective measures is not allowed. Use of hacked clients, cheats, xray mods and similar will result in a ban. Moderate language and swearing is allowed in chat, but please do not offend other players. For full rules visit our website: nemalands.co.uk/rules How to install our modpack! Download the Technic launcher from here: http://www.technicpack.net/download Once you have installed the launcher follow this: MODPACK LINK: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/nemalusion And you're ready to go! Drop the modpack a +1 to help us get more popular! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/nemalusion.428557 List of mods of currently included: We currently also have 2 Attack of the B-Team servers, a custom 1.7.10 Pixelmon modpack server & a hermit modsause server which all have a wide array of plugins to offer support for your protected areas, PvP, Ranks, Economy and all the stuff you’d expect a good server to have. We’ve even spent tireless hours working on the auction plugin so it’s fully compatible with the servers as currently on most servers they don’t register the mods items but ours does! Join our AOTB v1.0.12a server - IP: play.nemalands.co.uk Visit the Technic forum post for details - http://tinyurl.com/nemateam Join our 1.7.10 Nemalusion custom modpack server - IP: nemalusion.nemalands.co.uk Visit the Technic forum post for details - http://preview.tinyurl.com/nemalusion2 Join our modded 1.7.10 Pixelmon server - IP: nemamon.nemalands.co.uk Visit the Technic forum post for details - http://tinyurl.com/nemamon2 Join our modsauce 1.7.10 Nemsauce server - IP: nemasauce.nemalands.co.uk Visit the website for details - http://www.nemalands.co.uk/nemasauce
  13. Make sure you check out our server if you like pixelmon as our custom modpack adds even more to do!
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