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A hosting company that officially supports Tekkit *Fluctis Hosting*

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I found a great hosting company, one that officially supports Tekkit and modding in general its called Fluctis Hosting.

I am most impressed with their control panel, which they coded in house, its truly amazing.

Also, their pricing is amazing!! I'm paying $14 for a server with 1GB of RAM, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and a dedicated IP and port. I have used this host for a while, and I absolutely love it!

Check them out at https://fluctishosting.com/ they are really amazing :D

*Additional Note*: I was not given any incentive to make this post, I really love the host, and I think people should know about it, these people DESERVE your money!!

*Note to moderators*: If recommending a host on here is against the rules, just delete this post

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