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Hi guys, i recently made a clan in warframe for kitty jailers (and i guess you normal forum folk can join to (too?))

for those who don't know what Warframe is i'll give you 2 version, the long one and the short one.

short one: Space, Parkour, Ninjas, what other 3 things could go better?

Long(er) version: Warframe is a F2P third person shooter in which you take the role of the "ruling" faction of the solar system, The Tenno. The Tenno use a highly advanced "suit of amour" (no one really knows what the Tenno are, if they are humans in suits or if the suits are robots themselves)  that grant them unique power and abilities, these are called Warframes. along with these abilities, the tenno use a Primary weapon (which range from bows to shotguns), a Secondary weapon (which range from throwing knives to dual shotgun pistols), and a melee weapon (which range from daggers to swords to lashes to war-axes to whip(s)). 


there is no clear goal to the game. what you do is up to you and what you want....your Warfames and weapons gain experience which is needed for modding, which improves your weapons stats.

the trailer can be veiwed here (although it might be a little old now)  


you can also find the game on steam.

also one other thing, it's F2P however there is a real money market, again however you can aquire everything in the market in the actual game through blood sweat and tears (and all the Prime equipment can't be bought on the market)

if you would like to join:
contact me via PM on this site or twitter (@gooberlious)
my IGN is gooberlious

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