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1.2.8e Unstable?


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After updating to Tekkit Main 1.2.8e, there is an immediate notice of instability. The first thing I check when I notice something like this is the server TPS and RAM usage.


Server TPS: 19.9 Free Memory: 3,540 MB.


So then I look back at any recent changes I made to the server. The only thing I've changed in the past 24 hours since the server was stable was that I updated to server 1.2.8e.


When I talk about instability, I am referring to large delays. For example when mining, running a command, opening a door, chatting, etc.


I would like to conclude that 1.2.8e is causing this and I hope graciously for a developer to look into this issue. The following updates have altered the server sufficiently:







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