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Making some practical builds


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As not much of an esthetics man, but considering my mind set to be closer to an engineer, I have made some constructions for different purposes,

Which i will display here:

EMC generator MK1:


I have tried several options for the MK2, but nothing has been any good so far.

EMC generator MK3:


Starters EU generator:


Starters MJ* generator:


I have made much more ambitious projects, and I am considering making build videos, and perhaps even mod guides**, as I think that the general users don't know enough about the mods, and not enough information is provided in an entertaining manor.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

With regards Pyro_Killer MOD EDIT: Don't do that.

*Minecraft Joule for buildcraft

**Not spotlights or introductions but full fledged guides

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