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[Severe] Reached End Of Stream For /127.1.01

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Helloo Guys,

Everytime I start my server (This problem just started i have been hosting 3 weeks without this problem). I get the error (The title). It is very annoying and I doesnt go away. It isnt the world (Making a new world doesnt help) Restarting my PC doesnt help when this happens my internet is working fine and I can still skype etc...


The 127.1.01 changes depending on who connects I am 127.1.01 my friends have different ip's (I know that 127.1.01 is my internal ip).

Please help!




I deleted the whole server and put a new world in (Didnt help) put an old world in (Didnt help) I have no idea what to do xD

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This BUG should be Posted in tracker BUT I know your problem , Mojang has Updated here severs for April Fools and is having issues with MOD PACKS , There may be a Update but I think ull will just have to wait to tomorrow

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