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Why mekainism is gone! Also Bring it back.


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First off, The mod owner of UE has decided to remove the mod mentioned above to make her own. This means that sooner or later Mekinism may not be compatible with her mods. Since Mekanism is a core mod (A lot of other mods depend on this) the Technic team had to replace it with something else. In the future Calclavia the Ue mod maker will most likely make a new core mod that will get less buggy as time goes on.


But that still does not explain why its not in this version of mods. It should still be compatible with current mods and should of not been removed until Calcacia gets her mods together and a stable version of this new mod working with the rest of hers. Can you at least put it back into the pack until she gets a new core mod that's stable?

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