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[1.6.4] Secondary Gaming Mech & Magic [Survival][Galacticraft][Iguanatweaks][TC4][Ars2]

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Secondary Gaming is back with its newest Modpack!


We developed M&M for our community server in mind. It brings together what we believe to be the most stable

and fun mechanical and magical mods available. We hope you think so too. Our server opens up several dimensions

for you to live and play in as you choose. No one is going to tell you how or where to build. Play as you want to play. 


Notable mods:


Twighlight Forest

Thaumcraft 4.1

Ars Magica 2

Thermal Expansion


Project Red


Applied Energistics

Tinker's Construct w/ MechWorks and Iguana Tweaks.

Biomes o' Plenty


For a full mod list visit our webpage at: http://secondarygaming.us/mc.php

Notable Plugins:

Grief Prevention





World border is set to 6000 with no ocean spawning from BoP. The world is pre-rendered out so there will be no exploration lag.

Dynmap/Google Map to come at a later date. 




Villages are not a resource point on M&M. They are mini trade depots and safe havens for players. 

Villages are admin claimed to reduce griefing to them as well as enable villager trading for all. 

Villages that are found and not claimed should be reported to staff for claiming. 

Anyone found living or claiming a village will be forced to move.

Several custom themed villages have been erected. For instance. The End village trade depot will have

items commonly found in the end. Same with the Nether and Twilight villages. 


Iguana Tweaks:

The tinkers construct addon Iguana Tweaks is installed and the primary 

way of making tools, weapons, etc. You spawn in the server with a set of flint tools. If you are un-familiar with the mod

you need not worry. Staff have written a short guide as well as a visual tutorial

on the server which you will find right in spawn. 


Events, Raffles, Giveaways:

From time to time we like to have some mini raffles with whoever is online at the moment. 

These will usually happen when their are 10+ people on. Prizes range from anything like 

diamonds to mod specific tools or heavily enchanted tools. 


We also do raffles for steam games around the holidays as well as if and when we 

branch in to other games, that game will have a few copies raffled off. 


Mystcraft train hub:

Built by Admin TriffidDK and inspired by many is our railcraft train hub. 

Think of this as a intralinking nexus. BUT....WITH TRAINS!. 

Anyone can pair their base to this nexus if they like with their own mini train station at 

their base. An example of what this could look like is set up under the train station. 

Mystcraft items are for sale in the train hub's village. More details and help can be found

on the server. 






Themed Villages:











Modpack Installation:



We highly recommend allocating at least 3gb or more ram in the technic launcher.





Join us on the server and on our TS3 with the above IP.

Make sure you type /rules when you enter the server. 

Visit our forums at http://www.secondarygaming.us/

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Had a great launch yesterday with all of the regular players flocking back in to start explore and build up this fresh new awesome world.

Had fun so far playing around with Iguana Tweaks and finding a place to call home. So many awesome mods to play around with!


Come and try the server out, its the best modpack ever and the strong launch yesterday goes to show how strong and fantastic the community around the server is!

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Latest hardware update really made for a very steady and strong server... No lag issues, block-lag or anything over the last few days.

Pretty much the entire community have now come back to the server and we see some new faces from time to time.. And there is still room for more!


Spawn, server shops, portals etc are all constantly improved and improves the already really good gameplay on the server.. Lots to do, plenty of places to visit.. themed villages/locations to explore, loot still yet to be found and so many many awesome mods to play with.


You should all come and have a look, always somebody ready to help being ingame on Teamspeak or the community website!

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Updated the OP with some new information as well as the new IP which is Secondarygaming.us


That same IP will take you too our brand new site and forums. We are no longer using enjin but hosting and developing our own site and forums. 

Any current members should register on the new forums ASAP so we can get the fun rolling again!

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Join us for amazing and fun times in Minecraft! The mod selection is very well balanced, and you can do pretty much whatever your heart desires. The Iguana Tweaks might be slightly arduous at first, but it really helps the "first day" feel of Minecraft stay around a bit longer, and adds to the fun challenge that Minecraft should have. Our community is friendly and we accept anyone willing to be a member, as long as you behave :P

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