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[1.0.9c]TekkitCraft[PvP][PvE][70 Slots][OPEN][MyTown][BOSEconomy][MobArena][All Mods Enabled]B-Team, how it should be!

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Quick Facts

  • IP - mc.tekkitcraft.com
  • ModPack - Attack of the B-Team
  • Version - Currently 1.0.9c and we try our best to stick to the recommended version
  • Website - www.tekkitcraft.com 
  • The server is hosted 24/7
  • The server is in a constant startup loop and therefore is never down for longer than 5 minutes!
  • We use a both of MyTown and LWC to protect all of your stuff making grief completely impossible as both your land and your blocks are protected!



The Rest of our story!


TekkitCraft has been around since the dawn of modpacks. We were one of the very first servers to run on what is now Tekkit Classic and recently we decided that we would switch to the new Attack of the B-Team pack. Our IP remains as it always has been, mc.tekkitcraft.com and our ultimate aim is and always has been to provide a great experience for all our players in as many ways as possible, be it events, minigames, competitions, Whatever!


We have very few banned items and make use of some great plugins and mods that help us make the server better for you. MyTown (Mod) is installed on the server and it was actually made in the first place by one of our old developers. It functions in a similar way to Towny but is MUCH better because it provides protection for lots of different mods in the pack. We also use LWC to lock all your precious machines, chests and anything else you can imagine so that your stuff is safe from pesky greifers.


We do not use any whitelist or greylist or any other way of preventing people joining at all. Everybody is welcome to come and join in the fun. Whatever you may be looking for in a B-Team server, we will try our best to provide to the community. We have a website and working forums that you are also welcome to participate in. www.tekkitcraft.com We post competitions, information, livestreams, modpack help, plugins help and have a large number of staff willing to answer your questions and help you as much as possible. This is reflected in the staff on the server who are also very willing to help. 


Checkout our original server post from a long time ago >HERE



More Details


Some basic rules


Use common sense and behave

If its a safe zone, don't bypass it to kill people

If you think it may be slightly wrong. Ask before doing it.


Our plugins include;

  • mcMMO
  • WorldGuard
  • WorldEdit
  • Votifier
  • VouteRoulette
  • Vault
  • SimpleWarnings
  • SimpleHelpTickets
  • SignShop
  • PermissionsEX
  • Multiverse
  • ModifyWorld
  • MobArena
  • LWC
  • Jarvis (custom plugin made by MitchBourke)
  • ItemRestrict
  • Herochat
  • Essentials
  • BuyCraft (A really awesome plugin that helps us to help you)
  • BOSEconomy

Disabled Items

Whenever possible we try to find ways around banning items completley. In some occasions this is not possible but for the most part, we manage to find solutions which allow them to be used!


Mod - Item - Reason


MineFactory Reloaded - Sacred Rubber Tree - So damn big it reaches world height and covers the whole of most minimaps when zoomed out as far as they go


Furniture Mod - Oven + Computer + Printer - Disabled due to server crashes or dupe bugs


Saintspack - Explosive Dubstep gun only - Griefing damage. (feel free to use the other 3 though)


Witchery - Voodoo Poppets - Mass trolling




our Current Spawn


Spawn in the dark



A peaceful beach with palmtrees


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Absolutely great server, now, I ain't just saying this because they asked me to, i'm saying this because this is true. The uptime is amazing, if the server goes down, it automatically will come back up after 5 minutes at the most. There is almost always a member of staff on atleast 95% of the time. The community is outstanding, you don't just have to rely on staff if you have a question or need help. The cherry on the top of the cake is the experience of the staff. Tekkitcraft has been around for 2 and bit years from time of posting this, so all the staff here know what they are doing. This is a perfect place to join and start B-Team for the first time.



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Tekkitcraft was the first original Tekkit Classic server I ever joined, at the time I knew nothing about the modpack it was on or anything really, back then staff helped me through everything and to this day our staff continue to help players in whatever way they can. I've been playing for the last two years and this server has been one of the best experiences i've ever had, we've had bumps along the way but always figure out how to make things right again.


If you're looking for a server dedicated to making your experience the best, this is the one for you.



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I played on many Minecraft servers then a few Tekkit servers before I finally landed in TekkitCraft in 2012. I kept searching for a place that I enjoyed playing with and chatting with the other players, that had rules that fit my wants and not wants, and I could bring my friends and family to. I found it in TekkitCraft. The staff are top notch and friendly, the players are too. If your looking for a great place to play and meet some good people stop looking and join the server.

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Sorry about the late reply i was in amsterdam on holiday. To me that looks like Minecraft servers are down. Thats the error i always get if the sessions aren't working. No the poppets aren't banned. Only the voodoo one is.

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