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Digital Creep Let's Play!

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Sooooo I'm making some let's plays on my server. They're pretty awesome. I've gotten good feed back so far so I've decided to start showing them off. Seems like a good place to do it. Technic is the best community and I use the launcher and solder for everything. So I should be sharing my stuff here first.


-Good Editing

-Good Music

-Clear Mic

-No fidgety camera

-No pacing


I was learning as I was going. The quality went up exponentially as I released videos. It already started off HD, but it gets even better.


I hope some people check this out and like what they see. There will be a lot more released. I've been knocking these out super fast and have a lot of great plans coming up!


Click Here --->> My Server Let's Play Series  <<--- Click Here

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