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Showing other players?


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Basically, me and a few of my friends are playing together, that's all. Literally the only thing I'm looking for, is a way to display their location to me, in game, and my location to theirs.


I've seen servers where any friendlies within X blocks have their nameplates show up (This would be the best solution, if I could edit the range to make it larger), I've seen minimaps where any players within visibile range show up. (Though I'd like to keep the map that comes with this modpack)


Is there any simple, resource-light way to do what I'm asking? It'd be nice to not have to broadcast coordinates or TP just to know where someone is, and it's very easy to lose people at times. I'd just like to know where my friends are on the map so I can play with them better, and see what interesting things they're doing.


I'm a bit saddened that so many modpacks don't really have functionality like this, unless I'm completely and hopelessly blind.

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The nameplates showing up is a vanilla Minecraft thing. Making it larger or smaller of a range seems like a server plugin that would do it. Unfortunately the MapWriter mod doesn't offer functionality in this way and the only other way I can think of doing this is using the Entity Detector. Though I suppose you could use a "hacky" method using the scoreboard and a command block(s) on a timer to update the scoreboard values showing their XYZ values, but this method I'm not entirely sure how it'd be done and it'd have to be something to look into if its even possible.

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