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Tekkit Crashing

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You seem to be mad about something. However, i have a rare form of astigmatism that prevents me from reading any sentence in which every word is capitalized, so i have no idea what you're saying. Maybe in a couple day's you'll be able to cool off and help me help you help yourself.

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My Tekkit Has Crashed 7 Times Today This Is Full Of Shit This Tekkit Launcher .This Is Stupid Ever Since The Launcher Update It has Crashed >:(. After It Crashes It Don't Work So I Have To Turn My Laptop OFF!.


I don't see why people are compelled to type like this. It Seems Like Way More Work Than It's Worth.

Also, don't complain about crashes when you can't help by saying what kind of errors you're getting or what you were doing when it crashed. You can't just say "I CRASHED THIS IS FUCKING STUPID" and instantly expect people to know what caused the crash.

EDIT: "it doesn't work" not "it don't work".

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