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[1.2.8e] craftCommunity [24/7] [PVE] [GriefProtection] [NoLag] [20TPS] [Ranks]

Craft Community

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Server IP -
Server Donation Store (30% Off Release Sale) - http://goo.gl/q3aW2L
Server Rules - 
1. Dont Grief (Raiding OK)
2. Respect Staff and Others
3. Dont Spam
4. Dont Advertise
5. Dont Hack / Glitch
6. Dont Dupe
7. Keep Arguing To a Minimum
8. Use Commonsense 
Mods Removed:
Dimensional doors
Banned Items :
Chunk loaders
Certain Power armour stuff :D
Major Plugins:
Uptime :
100% so far!
Description :
Welcome to the second insallment of the Craft Community, we plan on making more and more great servers on multiple modpacks to ensure all of our players get maximum enjoyment from it. This Tekkit is bungeecorded and for those of you who don't know what that is, basically its just where there are multiple servers under the same ip and then you can connect between them by simply going through portals. Currently we have a Factions server where both griefing and raiding are allowed, which are both to add a sense of competitiveness to the server, here at Craft Community we decided that Tekkit alongside with factions would be a unique mix. Other servers we have are a regular survival server, which is basically the same as the factions server but more for like the peaceful players who just want to play and not have wars, for this reason, griefing and raiding are both not allowed on the surival server. We also have two more servers which are under development at the minute, a skyblock server and a minigames server, stay updated for more info on the two of those! Please check out the first Craft Community server and watch it grow into something special and unique!

Epic just like GrizzlyEpic

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 This server is the best attack of the bteam server ever ive not only browsedthrough so  many servers  but none of them were good, untill i found this 1


This server is the best server ever and i couldnt thank u enough deaf_triiz the last time i met u u were hosting hexxit but this 1 is so much bitter 


May i say Thannk u verry much sir


Grizzlymuffin- :guitar:

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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