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Can't figure out how to turn on mob ID's with health bar?:/

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For some reason when I play the game it doesn't recognize the mobs health bar or name? I figured out how to get the block ID's to show up, but I'm stumped when it comes to figuring out how to turn on the mob ID's? It would be nice to know how much health the mob I'm fighting has. Also does anyone know how to change the map in the corner from a square frame into a circle frame? Much help is appreciated, thank you(:

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Press "M" for the large map display, there is an "[options]" button in the top left. The minimap shape and other options are there. For the health bar, it shouldve been on by default through the use of WAILA. But if for some reason it isnt, look through the WAILA options by pressing 0 on the numpad.

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