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having small issue with rai's minimap serverside


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greetings all i have running a server for some time now.. the people in my server has voted to enable the players on the minimap. i look for the loginmessage.txt and is uable to find it. i have tryed to create my own and i am unable to get it running. i do understand the % calling in the file. does login messenger come with the 1.2.8e server pack, or am i doing somethign wrong? any help would be appreative .

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loginmessage.txt? I have no clue what that is. If you are using just vanilla tekkit, try addin "&0&0&2&e&f" to the beginning of the motd in server.properties. If you are using essentials with MCPC+ (like I am), I was successful in getting it to work by making that the first like in plugins/essentials/motd.txt

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