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    So, the steam link is actually really awesome. Anyone else get it? I recently went and ran a gigabit connection through the wall to from my office to the living room so I can use my steamlink over gig, instead of Wireless N. Anyone else get one? Any good game suggestions for use with the steam link and controllers?
  2. ooooh, nice I'll keep that in mind if/when I decide to play tekkit legends.
  3. haha! Probably. Or at least in discord @bochen415 I did it! Haha, that's awesome. I remember that picture now that you mention it.
  4. what? How did you perform such black magic?! Also, my name isn't blue here. Fix it
  5. Oh fun. Can I mention people in here? Like @bochen415 and @munaus?
  6. Wait, so what is the kitty jail, and why? I don't see any kitties trying to escape O.o
  7. haha, I wrote one, but no on replied and it got buried EDIT: You can find it here, might have some stuff that you'll find useful
  8. no, it's not a dns issue. My DNS is fine. Though, I don't think we have a record for status.tekkit.pr-gaming.net, the working dns is http://status.tekkit.pr.clan.ws/
  9. yeah, I'll see what I can do. Sorry, trying to get Liam here (one of my admins) to get used to fixing issues, so I need to let him get the proper info for you
  10. some further information: http://pastebin.com/Qv65zwZz The error is odd, because we don't even have 100 dimensions total on the server, so have can I be exceeding chunk loading tickets?
  11. yup, same symptoms I had, reproducible. And that's not true. WAILA can be run client-side only. And even though it currently isn't in the tekkit server by default, the config IS which can lead to some confusion. Try checking again for the actual WAILA mod file on the server.
  12. This IS the same issue I was posting about and no one could help with a while back Skuli, make sure that you include WAILA server-side as well.
  13. many of my members have this issue on my server as well, I'd be interested in a solution
  14. well, last I checked, you can't transfer RF through P2P tunnels, only MJ / RF -> MJ (which is fine for non-thermal expansion machines, like MFR machines). Instead, I use MJ p2p tunnels where I can get away with it, and then tesseracts elsewhere...
  15. waiting on the next recommended update I believe. I've been waiting for it forever... memory leaks and what not
  16. did you look at the VERSIONS of extra utilities in each modpack?
  17. in config/DimDoors.cfg set B:"Enable Rift World Generation"=false This will stop DImDoors from generating in the overworld (or other dimensions besides the nether) without disabling the mod altogether.
  18. I see lots of the same questions come up again and again, but I haven't seen a FAQ, so I thought i'd make one. Q: Where can I find information about X mod in tekkit? A: The best place to start would be the official tekkit wiki. If there is not yet a page about the mod you a looking for, the version number in the list should include a link the mod's homepage / minecraft forum post. Q: What is the mod that identified other mods and blocks? A: WAILA (What Am I Looking At) Q: Why is my buildcraft engine not powering my Thermal Expansion machine? A: Buildcraft outputs MJ (Minecraft J
  19. I run a server that I keep updated to tekkit recommended. Check out http://www.pr-gaming.net/threads/pr-tekkit-server-info.298/ We have a great community, with active admins, forums, and TeamSpeak (prts.info).
  20. Also, according to prof. mobius you MUST have WAILA server side to prevent these issue (not sure why it wasn't working when I originally made this post, but I reinstalled WAILA server-side after tha last update and haven't experienced any issues with it since)
  21. I'd recommend using the ender-thermic pump over the BC pump. It's easier on the server. And, it's enabled on all liquids and dimensions by default in tekkit
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