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{1.2.5}Cheaty Classic: Equivalent Exchange 2 Xtreme Edition!


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For serious cheaters only! This mod pack is designed to be unbalanced.

I have always loved Minecraft 1.2.5 singleplayer. It is my favorite version of Minecraft and has all the mods I really loved in their best forms. So I have made a pack, it's not PLUS+. It has been a labor of love; I have been tweaking this for some time. It has about 101 mods and is designed to run and load quickly without too much excessive guff (but has everything important!). This pack is all about being unbalanced! Equivalent Exchange 2 (the good one) has been amped to the MAX! Ever modded item has an EMC value. There is custom ore distribution and loot tables. There are dozens of alternative crafting methods for your favorite mods.

I know I played this version more than any other, and I'm tired of the constant updates. It is single player only, and as a result runs very quickly. This pack is the last version where EE2 Thaumcraft 2, and Somnia worked. This pack also includes Logistics Pipes, Teleport pipes, Computer Craft, Factorization and Redpower 2. Who needs AE? What's a Tesseract? Some notable features:

-Equivalent Exchange 2! (with custom EMC!)
-Custom intermod recipes!
-Spawners Craftable with EMC!
-Custom ore distribution! (lots more to find!)
-Thaumcraft 2!
-Redpower 2!
-Greenstone Wire Mod!
-Zeppelin Mod
-Sphax PureBDCraft 64x Texture pack with addons
-A functional Crafting Table III!
-Laser Mod!
-All your favorite mods in much more primitive form! (Except Industrialcraft 2, which is identical!)

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