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This is a list of possible mini-game ideas specific to Attack of the B-Team. I'll maybe write tutorials on them depending on how complex some of their setups are (like Musical Chairs, even though BDubs has a video on it)


Musical Chairs

Players: 2+

Originally done by BDoubleO in one of his episodes. This brings an old school based game to Attack of the B-Team.


Rock Paper Scissors

Players: 2

Using Reusable Safari Net Balls, this game could easily be replicated by using "Cows" "Chickens" and "Pigs", and could be extended to the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock by including two additional mobs (wolves, sheep, ocelots...)


Example set-up:

Cow beats pigs, pig beats chicken, chicken beats cow. For extended, it could be Cow beats pig, pig beats chicken, chicken beats ocelot, ocelot beats sheep, sheep beats cow. These are obviously arbitrary but could be done this way.


Gotta Catch 'em All

Players: 2+

Inspired from Pokémon and having the ability to capture mobs, using the Safari Net Launcher and Safari Balls, a "Safari Zone" replication could be done, where the winner is based around the number of mobs caught and their points, similar to ABBA Caving (mini-game developed by VintageBeef)


Example set-up:

Using a Player Interface for each player, and an auto-extraction of caught mobs, players could fight for a small duration of time (5 minutes?) and whoever has the most points wins. For mob spawning, use of a randomizer and Auto-Spawners could be done to spawn in the mobs randomly and periodically to make each game different.


Minion Battle

Players: 2

Using the fact that Necromancy minions fight mobs similar to how wolves are done, this can be used in a PVP battle where crafted minions fight against another player and you have to defend against them, the victor being the first person to defend or the only person to survive.


Hats Off

Players: 2+, with judges

On the concept of run-way models showing off todays latest fashion, this can be done with your skin and hats. Try to pair up the perfect looking armor to show off yourself and the hat down a run-way. A panel of judges should (objectively...) give a score from 0-10 and the highest value wins.


Sheep Racing

Players: 2+

Similar to real-life Horse Racing, players can morph into the various colors of sheep (or horses if so desired!) and race around a track where the first one over the finish line wins. Have an audience bet on the winning sheep color for a gambling side!


Target Practice

Players: 2+

Using conveyer belts to move players around, the Target from openblocks can act as a shooting gallery with a point system. Person with the highest points through the gallery wins.



Got additional ideas? Post them here! Please be original enough though in your idea and try to make it attack of the b-team related. I realize a lot of the vanilla minecraft mini-games, labyrinth style systems, tower defense, etc are doable in this modpack but theyve been done over and over again that they're no longer new or original.

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