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[1.6.4] Custom server

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So I’m starting my own server, no kidding right lol
Anyhow I need some help, as well as admins and builders
My first problem is simple, I’m with Hosthord and plan to stay with them only problem I’m having is getting MCPC+ to work again. I have no idea what I did to make it work the first time but I sort of need it in order to get plugins on the server. I don’t really like spawning randomly in the general area its annoying.
Problem 2, well I’m going to need some admins or someone to help run the server, being a new owner I don't exactly understand everything.  I know I need basic plugins that I had them before, but changing the configs of say essentials to make kits... or adding kits in general well not a clue.  I would like to have a ranking system so donations can get said kit like I see on other servers.
Finally I’ll need some builders, not exactly a problem seeing as I’m not a bad builder myself, in fact when I was helping with a friends server that’s about all I was doing. Only thing added in my server is custom NPC because I would like to use a lot of parts from that mod for the coins and shops, i find it to me more lively at a spawn to with them.
If you want to apply to be a staff member, feel free to send me a message on here or my Skype (it will be in the bottom of this post) and if there are any other questions feel free to ask.
Thank you for your time on this and any help fixing this server problem would be nice.





Skype: [email protected]

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1424355977817088/

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