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Add Thaumacraft?


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Thaumcraft doesn't fit the theme of Hexxit. In Hexxit you advance by raiding dungeons for loot, but in Thaumcraft you advance by spending your items on research.

Are you saying there cannot be magic in a world full of mystery and unexplored dungeons? Galacticraft does not fit voltz, most mods are geared up to blow up you items, this is about exploring other planets but it is still in voltz. Remember when the pack owners removed "Air balloons" Because it didn't fit the theme? If fit it perfectly, added more things to explore but instead removed it because they didn't think it fit.

How does Tconstruct fit in with hexxit? Nothing to do with exploring only mining. Don't you agree that there should be some magic mods added in some of these packs? Its either always geared up for tech, magic only or exploration. Why cant a magic pack end up in a tech war pack like a versus or something


Anyways, I belive it does fit. Thaumacraft adds a new way of exploring through advancing through its research and you can use the items you get from exploring on it. Its kind of like Iron in vanilla Minecraft. Its only used for tools or a very expensive iron block. Once you have it, there is no use other than that. No blocks or anything. In TConstruct you get matarials you get from xploring and use them to make better items, the same in thaumacraft.

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What I understand of the idea behind Hexxit is that it's a hack-and-slash thing - fight monsters, raid dungeons, get loot - whereas Thaumcraft takes painstaking research and requires building machines (magic crafting table, essence storage infrastructure, enchanters). There's no mod in Hexxit in which you advance by making new machines and items.


Feel free to add Thaumcraft to your own Hexxit / custom pack, but I still don't think it matches Hexxit's theme.

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