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Treecapitator not working (possibly other mods as well)


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So we are pretty new to tekkit, just downloaded the launcher + the server files from the tekkit website. When we load up a "Open to Lan" game, everything works. But when we create a server, treecapitator doesn't work. It loads fine, but cutting down trees works just like vanilla. I have used Wood, Iron, Gold and Diamond axes on 30+ trees with not a single success. It might be the same with other mods but we haven't got far enough to try as I really want to play with treecapitator. Any ideas?

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Ok scrap that, none of the server side mods are working. Only the client side mods were actually working. And when I try and run the server launcher from my computer instead of his, it crashes so bad I am unable to copy the errors, Is there any way to let people connect to our lan server online, via hamachi or something?

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