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Project red Transportation Bug.


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Hello everyone!


Letme introduce my self! I'm ZombieCharm And i have a problem.


Latley i decided to turn all the chips of my mass storage system into the Chips with the 3 Left upgrades (all of my reception chips, the purple ones, have the 3 Left upgrades) But jus a few moments ago i try to get a large ammount of stuff out of the storage, and the result its that all the stuff that i asked for its just gone! I made a bit of tessting... The thing that i asked for are not even getting out of the chest. I mean, it do get out of the chest but it just go to the nethe or something cuz it never pas through the pipes.


Im really bad about this cuz the only way to fix it is to Re load the hole client. I have to re log in to fix it, and after that is just lettme use it a couple of time after doing the same thing  over again. 


If someone know how to fix it please.... Send HELP :P

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