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  1. In the launcher on the left side that has the list of all the different packs. There's a cog underneath each picture. Click on that cog and you will see what version you're playing.
  2. More than likely Java updated to 1.8. Uninstall it and reinstall Java 1.7
  3. If your Java updated to 1.8 delete it and install Java 1.7.
  4. If your Java updated to 1.8 delete it and reinstall Java 1.7
  5. Do you have two empty block spaces above the spawner? If you do? Is the room dark enough?
  6. Sounds like your storage is full if items are roaming around in the pipes with a red highlight.
  7. I believe that you don't need the extractor chips in the deep storage units
  8. Don't forget you can also use deep storage units as well In your storage system. The only downside with them is when you look in the storage interface it will only show 64 units of that item in the DSU. So, you have to retrieve a stack and re-poll the interface for that item to show up again if you're wanting more than one stack.
  9. There's a Nullifier from thermal expansion and I believe there's a chip from the project red pipes that can destroy items.
  10. First thought it sounds like your storage is full.
  11. Guess what not too long after that episode he no longer has stained saplings in that room. I'm just letting you know how I got it to work. I went and did a room like his a couple weeks after that episode and that's when I realized the issue and figured out a way around it. Take it or leave it.
  12. For the stained saplings if you want to keep them indoors you need to have an opening all the way up above that sapling. No blocks between that sapling and the sky.
  13. Left side of the launcher where you can choose the different packs there is a cog. Click on that and you can choose the different versions from there
  14. One option for power is a compression dynamo with liquid xp from the liquid xp mod. If your building is very big you may want to think about Tesseracts to transfer power from the basement to the different areas to reduce the amount of wiring. Another power option is a lava fabricator with magmatic dynamos.
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