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  1. Tried to look for other threads, couldn't find any.. I'm on a tekkit server with a friend, and we're building a large underground base. We would like to use lamps like the Cage lamps and Lanterns from ProjectRed, and that all of these are powered by reactors/dynamoes. So that we would always need legit energy for them to illuminate, and not a simple minecraft redstone line which basically gives infinite power. For now we're using a simple steam dynamo from Thermal Expansion, but i cant seem to get the cage lamps or lanterns to light up. We tried both energy conduits from Thermal Expa
  2. Thanks for the answers! But is it not possible to connect redstone lamps (or similar) to these machines via cables/wires? The wires don't seem to "connect" to the lamps!
  3. I have a HUGE mansion on a server (attack of the b-team server, ofc), and I think it's cool to have a basement where the electric room is located. Where the main "switch" is, that will cut the power to every electric thing in the mansion. Back in vanilla minecraft, i'd have to use a normal redstone current going from every redstone lamp and stuff, and end in the basement and be connected to a lever. But now i've started playing on an attack of the b-team server, so I dont want to use the old boring vanilla minecraft stuff! It would be cool to use cables/wires through the mansion, and lots
  4. I'm making a very big building on an attack of the b-team server, it's gonna be like a building full of surprises and puzzles! Would be cool if theres was some kind of a "key" or something like that, which I can use and hide. And people must have this key to get through doors. Does a "key" of some sort that I can use, exist in attack of the b-team?? Thanks in advance.
  5. I already had a minecraft server before I started using attack of the b-team, but ofcourse, attack of the b-team is a lot better! I love it! But I would like to "update" my old minecraft vanilla server to an attack of the b-team server, that way I still have all the cool stuff i've been working on for a long time. Is this possible in some way?! If absolutely not, is there a way to "copy" structures from the old server / parts of the old server into an attack of the b-team server?? Thanks in advance.
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