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I see lots of the same questions come up again and again, but I haven't seen a FAQ, so I thought i'd make one.


Q: Where can I find information about X mod in tekkit?

A: The best place to start would be the official tekkit wiki. If there is not yet a page about the mod you a looking for, the version number in the list should include a link the mod's homepage / minecraft forum post.


Q: What is the mod that identified other mods and blocks?
A: WAILA (What Am I Looking At)


Q: Why is my buildcraft engine not powering my Thermal Expansion machine?
A: Buildcraft outputs MJ (Minecraft Joules). However, as of Thermal Expansion 3, Thermal Expansion now uses RF(Redstone Flux), not MJ, A better solution is to use Dynamos, since the conduits from Thermal Expansion can output MJ.


Q: Why isn't IC2 in Tekkit?
A: The short answer: it's out of date. A longer answer: see >here, >here, and >here.


Q: I am having X issue with tekkit

A: First, try taking a look at this post >here. If your question is not answered, then post in the tracker.


Q: I want to use bukkit plugins with tekkit.

A; You want MCPC+. It lets you run both bukkit plugins AND forge mods. You'll need to either run it instead of forge, or replace Tekkit.jar with MCPC+.


Q: I am having issues with WAILA not remember settings when I'm connected to a server. It works fine in multiplayer, how do I fix this?

A: You need to make sure that you have the WAILA mod installed on the server as well as the client.

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