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Missing items and mods


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In every YouTube video I have watched, people have items which I do not have, like the hobbyists engine and every wire except the curly-looking copper one; this means I am unable to do a lot of things. From what I can make out, the mods they have that I don't are Railcraft, Electric Expansion and probably a lot of others. Is there something else I need to download? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've been looking for the answer everywhere and can't find it. Help would be greatly appreciated! :-)

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I wish I could help, I'm stuck the same way.


I've looked over dozens of tutorials, they all use mods that are not part of 3.0.0c. I thought I was getting the most up to date modpack, but we seem to be missing any kind of electricity.  Tutorials seem to use wires we don't have, and engines that don't exist.

I'm trying desparately to connect my Rotarycraft torque to my MinefactoryReloaded harvester, but nothing seems to go between them.  I've found two forum posts mentioning different items, one we don';t have, and the ElectricGenerator, (bleeding expensive like everything in rotarycraft) doesnt actually output to the Harvester or to an Aluminum Wire.


Anyone know what's going on? How do we use the so-called universal electricity?

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