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  1. This is a show-stopper. Voltz 3 is unplayable, and I'm kind of mad about losing a world, especially since it took a week of work to get to build the electric generator. I don't know who the modpack authors are, but they sure didn't try playing it. A full crash report and explanation of this error has been posted in the bugtracker for a week now and there is no response. Are there any developers here? Why am I not playing FTB?
  2. We need more than the STDERR Runtime Error to see what happened, copy in the lines above and below it too; they should say what happened.
  3. Same problem here, Voltz 2.0.4 won't run until you go find some of these jar files. I downloaded the *.stash linked here by darkvako and renamed them to jar in the /lib folder. Now it works. Thanks!
  4. Technicforums have a forums software has a "profile feed"? Wow. Neat?

  5. Sounds like the server host has disabled that dimension? I don't know what a hexxit paid server is, but on mine these things are config files.
  6. Rotary is something different; that can be a good thing. I'm trying Voltz 3.0 for the first time, coming from experience with Tekkit Thermal Expansion, who also recently changed their power systems. I know how those work, and moving to Rotary looks interesting. The question is how on earth does it interface with anything? I spent a pile of iron on a windmill that does nothing; built half a waterwheel before learning it needs lubricant from the grinder, which itself needs a gasoline engine? This is nuts. If the windmill could make a trickle of power, and there was any kind of Universal electricity, we could make do; but right now I can't find any kind of electricity. The problem with such a drastic change in modpacks is the thousands of tutorials and wikis are all wrong now. Even the official VoltzWiki talks about some kind of motor/wire stuff that isn't part of 3.0, so I am failing to complete the "BASIC ELECTRICITY" tutorial!
  7. I wish I could help, I'm stuck the same way. I've looked over dozens of tutorials, they all use mods that are not part of 3.0.0c. I thought I was getting the most up to date modpack, but we seem to be missing any kind of electricity. Tutorials seem to use wires we don't have, and engines that don't exist. I'm trying desparately to connect my Rotarycraft torque to my MinefactoryReloaded harvester, but nothing seems to go between them. I've found two forum posts mentioning different items, one we don';t have, and the ElectricGenerator, (bleeding expensive like everything in rotarycraft) doesnt actually output to the Harvester or to an Aluminum Wire. Anyone know what's going on? How do we use the so-called universal electricity?