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Hey guys!

This may be a newbie question because this is my first time trying out AOTBT and I'm wondering how do I get common commands on single player like /home or /sethome. Any ideas how? Please bear with me because this is my first time not playing vanilla minecraft so downloading plugins or any other fancy things are foreign to me. Thanks again!


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Those usually come with a plugin called Essentials.  There's a few that are specifically those commands with none of the rest, and economy plugins which add some sort of cost to those systems, but that depends on what you want.


Before you can run plugins, you need to install a tool called MCPC+ which will allow you to both run plugins (like essentials) and mods (like forge and b-team).


Alternatively, there is a mod called ForgeEssentials which aims to replicate the bukkit (plugin) essentials functionality without having to do anything like that, but I haven't tried it so I'm not sure what's in it.



I haven't used any of these in singleplayer, but they should work (they'll stop you being able to connect to servers though, so setting up a server on the same computer then connecting to it through 'multiplayer' may be a better option, you get more commands available that way anyway and it's easier to get help as it's something more people are familiar with).

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