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Weird Green and Black Glitch

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Hello B-team community I didn't know where else to turn to no one else has ever posted this problem so i assumed to come here :). Ive never had any problems with the modpack before and I've been playing it for about a month now give or take. earlier this morning I logged into one of my favorite servers and I was met with some weird texture glitches. I thought nothing of it at first but it began to worsen as time went on. Now if I stay in one spot for a  longer time the chunks seem to overlap I can see caves 100 of blocks away teleporting and spinning in my face. and all with an eire green glow to it. Ill include some photos of the problem and I hope someone else has had this problem and fixed it thanks again. P.S The same applies to any other server and single player world


~*signed name munched by Gremlins!*



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to me it looks and sounds that you have optifine installed........ if this is the case please post What version of optifine you are running, most of these type of  gliches are to do with optifine not working properly with some mods

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